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From SENDTOFUTURE.COM can send delayed emails  by checking in advance the date to be delivered to the recipient. No more forgetting: send your mail when you want the birthday greeting, arriving just in time.

The possibilities of this service are as many as your imagination or your needs: work, family, finances. Even jokes. Act responsibly and get even the most of this service.

One suggestion: Write yourself telling you the problems that seem so important today and set the date within a month , or even better in about a year: the effect is stunning.

It is also useful  when you have something in mind for a date and do yo don´t  want to take back

If a prophet dares, here can send her his prophecies.

And we hope that no one have that needing, but it helps to say something after a farewell. Any kind of farewell, without leaving the others to tell your story .

Time changes things.Try it.



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